ViaBill increases your customers' desire to shop

Flexibility improves your customers’ shopping experience and increases your basket size by 32,7%.

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The customer chooses

Your customer chooses ViaBill as the payment solution when they order a product from your webshop

ViaBill pays

ViaBill pays the WHOLE order for your customer so that your customer is able to purchase your product "here and now"

No risk

ViaBill assumes any risk that may be associated with the individual transactions

The customer pays

The customer postpones the payment for 30 days to ViaBill

Why you should choose ViaBill

Larger shopping cart

Get a 32.7 % larger shopping cart. This is per average order. By giving your customers a NOK 3,000 credit account, it makes them want to buy just that little bit extra when they shop online.

Increased conversion

Benefit from increased conversion of 2-3%. This is based on average orders. With ViaBill there is a greater chance that browsers will become customers as ViaBill allows them to delay their payment.

No risk of fraud

With ViaBill you don't have to worry about fraud/chargeback as we assume the full credit risk. ViaBill is one of the least expensive solutions as we take a modest transaction fee.

This is how ViaBill works for your customers

ViaBill makes shopping easier for customers and gives them the opportunity to buy now and pay later. We make it possible for your customers to make purchases of up to NOK 2,000, with no fee. Plus, we also have premium solutions offering a credit account of up to NOK 10,000. Your customers simply select the ViaBill payment option during checkout, and we take care of the rest.

Allow customers to try products before they pay for them

Physical shops allow customers to try their items before they purchase them, and when it comes to clothing and shoes, customers usually try them on before they purchase them. With ViaBill as a payment partner, you give your customers the ability to order your products and try them on before they pay for them. If the customer wishes to keep the items, then we ensure the customer can pay in instalments through us. We transfer the full purchase amount to you as soon as you have sent the item.

ViaBill protects you against fraud

With ViaBill as a payment solution in your webshop, you are protected against fraud. ViaBill assumes all risks associated with the transactions, and you won’t need to worry about chargebacks due to credit card fraud.

This is how you get started

Getting started with our payment service is easy.
Everything happens in two steps:

Activating ViaBill as a payment method

ViaBill is activated in your PSP/payment gateway by means of an API key, which is issued by ViaBill when you are set up.

Activation of ViaBill’s PriceTags

Use ViaBill’s PriceTags to obtain the best possible conversion. It is implemented simply by a script, which is also issued by ViaBill, when you are set up.